Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleep is for the weak

I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee. It's 2:30p. That's a new record. I slept last night and K has been sleeping but no matter what I feel like I will never get my zzzz's back! I will never feel rested. As horrible as it sounds because I love my baby girl with every ounce of me, I can't wait until our Anniversary weekend so I can just SLEEP! lol

That was yesterday, I forgot to upload my pictures so I had to finish this morning. After going to bed last night at 7:30 I feel SO much better. And I'm only on cup of coffee numero uno.

Anywho, this weekend was packed! On Saturday we had a day filled with shopping & dinner at the in-laws (yum!!!!) & Sunday I painted the front door trim finally. We were looking a little ghetto so I finally broke down and painted it myself. If you forgot, here is the before picture. And here it is completely done!
ALWAYS listen to your husband when he says "wait until the caulk dries before you paint over it" because if you don't you will make more work for yourself. Mission de-ghettofy was not accomplished. But I am pretty happy with how everything else came out haha

I think in a few weeks I'll be attempting this project. I love our foyer and I love the wallpaper *gasp* that's in there but we need to modernize it. I think this is pretty simple and inexpensive.

In other news, tonight I'll be getting my Zumba on! AND? I've joined a RUNNING GROUP. Starting Saturday I'll be joining in. I may or may not have signed my life away and I'm pretty nervous since I've never ran (run?) in a group before except in a race and eventually I end up alone ha! Last week I heard they did 8 miles so I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving them after 1/2 HA!

Here are a few fam pics from Sunday! We had a much better time this time with no crankypants Kins. lol

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Tuesday!

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Mateya said...

I love the wainscoating...it looks so good! I would love to do that but we have dark woodwork throughout our house so I think it would just be weird to throw all that white in there.

Again, I love the pics :)

Kelly said...

Cute pics:)

Amber said...

Good luck with the running & I love zumba! LOVE the family pics, you guys are so cute!

Ashley said...

Aww, I love K's cute little bow! Y'all are precious!

Ali said...

I honestly don't think I'd recognize Kins if she weren't wearing a bow. They're pretty much her trademark thang, haha.

Miss you!

Jillian said...

Beautiful family pictures!! And if sleep is for the weak I am the strongest person alive:)

Kendra said...

You and your family are so adorable :) Plus I love the black door.

Rachel McPhillips said...

The door looks great! Can't wait to see the hallway project!