Monday, February 23, 2015

My Story Preserved: Project Repat

A few weeks ago I posted about this awesome company called "Project Repat". They turn old t-shirts into a t-shirt quilt. Which is great if you have tons of race shirts like I did or lots of shirts that meant something but you just can't bear to throw or give them away.

I gathered my pile of shirts that I wanted to preserve and sent them off to the Project Repat team. I'll tell you that it was extremely bittersweet because I knew I was getting something amazing in return but it was so hard to part with some of them. Like my Air Force PT shirt and my husbands desert cami top that he wore for several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. (They were so awesome and sent that back though after taking what they needed!) I also threw in some "Runners for Boston" shirts, my first half marathon shirt, Florida Gator shirts (of course), my first Southeastern Law shirt, and of course, tons of race shirts. I think I was anxious the entire time waiting for the quilt to come back.

When it arrived on my doorstep, I was so excited that I cried when I opened it. It was perfect! The time that this team takes to make something of such great quality and care definitely shows in the product.The whole process was super easy. They spell everything out for you in an easy "to-do" list to help make sure you've got everything that's needed. I honestly think the hardest part was waiting for it to come back as a quilt! After a week and a half went by I received the quilt so even the wait time wasn't bad at all!

I'm so happy that I now have all of my meaningful shirts in one place and not collecting dust in my closet anymore. Now I can look at it everyday and smile because it holds so much meaning to my husband and I. My next quilt from Project Repat will be one with all of Kinsley's monogrammed baby clothes.

If you have tons of shirts that you want to do something with but not get rid of then you should definitely go to Project Repat! And if you do, use code "repatfriend" at checkout for 15% off!

Please share with me if you do have one made! I'd love to see it!

*This is a sponsored post. Project Repat  provided me with a free quilt. The opinions are my own. Project Repat did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Becoming a Better Wife

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I don't do it often on the blog but I need to take a minute to brag about my husband. This past week I had my wisdom teeth and two other teeth pulled. It hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be but still painful at times. My husband has literally done everything. And I mean everything. He's been my rock and has gone non stop since we came home from the dentist. The house is clean, laundry is done, he has gone to pick up my favorite soup numerous times and copious amount of ice cream. There hasn't been a single time where he's even been late in giving me my medicine (even though I am fully capable of doing it myself.) I have to sneak in getting up off the couch when he's sleeping. lol! He's been amazing! He says it's what husbands are supposed to do but I can't help but keep thinking, "How did I get so lucky?". Can I also throw in that he bought a box of Tagalongs Girl Scout cookies (my absolute favorite!) for "when I can eat normally again"?

I don't brag about him nearly enough but Lord knows I love this man more than anything! To think that we've known each other since High School and yet never dated and didn't even think about it until way after just blows my mind. He's everything I have always dreamed of and everything you want in a husband. I can't wait to grow old with this man. I wish he had hundreds of brothers to share with some of you ladies (lol) because every woman deserves to be treated the way my husband treats me. I don't deserve it 90% of the time at all but his love and affection never ceases.

Have you seen Mandy's new endeavor with her husband? "Marriage More"? J and I are both big fans of it and follow it everyday. They post constant reminders and great tips! Recently, Mandy posted "13 ways to become a better wife".  While I think I'm a pretty good wife I think I can always improve! Especially when you have a husband like mine! Here are a few of my favorites that I've been applying to every day:

Like Mandy, I am constantly asking myself (and J ha!) how he puts up with me. I'm a spit fire, hot head, and a firecracker. Seriously. I blame me being Scottish but it definitely needs work. I like to call it passionate, but potato pa-tat-toe.

One thing I absolutely do not tolerate is people talking bad about my husband or my family. You will never find me bad mouth my husband, bring him down, talk about our issues publicly, or talk down to him to others at all. I do nothing but lift him up and brag about him. I feel like the issues you may have need to stay between the two of you and be worked out together. We all have them and it solves nothing by bringing others into it in a negative way.

Another thing that I need to work (hard) on is "giving him direction (without being bossy). I'm the oldest of 4 (all girls as well) and well, it's natural for me to be bossy. Take today for example, J was helping and did the laundry. Typically this is my chore because I don't mind but I also have my own system in doing it. Moms, you know what I'm talking about. Well, he put ALL of the clothes in one load. Jeans with WHITES. Whites with darks. Jeans with darks. A towel was involved. It was bad. Once I realized what he did I confronted him about it. I made sure to tell him that I know he was trying to help and I DO appreciate it! However, PLEASE NEVER DO THE LAUNDRY AGAIN. lol He said, "I just need directions on how to do it and then I can still help." So when I read this from Mandy, that we have to give directions without being bossy it opened my eyes. I'd much rather do it myself because, come on ladies, we know it will be done right. But if I give him directions, it's another load (no pun intended) that I may not have to bear one busy day of wrangling littles and doing schoolwork. Plus hello? Husband wants to help! Don't turn that down. lol

 The last thing I'm making a effort on is "Trusting His Decisions". Again, bossy and control freak in some things makes it hard to trust other people's decisions. Especially when you're bossy and think you have it all figured out. Sometimes I don't trust his decisions or let him take the lead because I'm scared it won't be the right one. It's important to let your husband have an equal role and that he feels like he's contributing in the decisions of your life together and marriage. This is my biggest thing that needs work.

I really love that Mandy and Jeff have put this together. Not only is she an amazing person and friend, they have such an awesome and Godly relationship that sets a great example.

Have you read this post on "Marriage More"? What do you currently need to work on with your husband?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spartan Up! (a Giveaway!)

Oh hey y'all. Do you know how boring life is when you're throwing yourself into work projects and schoolwork? Very. It's very time consuming and boring. But I do have a lot of exciting things for y'all!

First, remember last year when I shared the Reebok Spartan Race?  Well this year I have another entry to giveaway and more fun information!

My husband is really excited about this race. It has his name written all over it. Being a Combat Veteran, he loves a challenge especially when it comes to things like this. So this year I'm even more excited about sharing this with y'all!

The epitome of grit, Joe Desena, founder & CEO of Spartan Race and NY Times best-selling author, travels the globe seeking answers from experts like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Pressfield, Barbell Shrugged, and many more. Joe’s interviews with authors, academics, athletes, adventurers, CEOs and thought leaders will shift your thinking, make you laugh and and give you the tools you need. He’s on a mission to find the secrets to success in all aspects of life. Not only does Joe interview epic people, he has brought together an amazing panel to break down and analyze every aspect of these interviews. We give you the ultimate blueprint and action steps to assimilating these powerful conversations into your own life. The Podcast is now live here:

What is the Spartan Race you ask?

World’s Best Obstacle Race. Period.
Born in the scenic hills of Vermont, Spartan Race was created to bring the excitement of obstacle racing to spectators and athletes alike. That means you.
Spartan Race is a true adventure that anyone can do, and everyone should try. With course lengths of 3+miles (Sprint), 8+miles, (Super) and 12+miles (Beast) each course is filled with mud, water, and signature obstacles designed to help you discover your inner Spartan. Athletes of all fitness levels will enjoy participating in a Spartan Race and the feeling of accomplishment that comes at the finish line.
Spartan Race even has events for kids. We believe that fitness and adventure should involve the whole family. Come out and watch your kids run, jump, and climb like children were meant to do all in their own Spartan Kids race.
For those that want a more team based experience Spartan Race has the Hurricane Heat and for the truly adventurous theHurricane Heat 12 Hour. The Hurricane Heat takes you out of the individual role and has you work with a group of complete strangers to complete tasks designed to bring you together as a team. Those that have done the Hurricane Heat have often done multiple across the country, making friends for life along the way.
Not sure you are ready to run a Spartan Race? It’s ok we have everything you need to get you ready: Spartan SGX training, workouts-of-the-day, nutrition tips to help you eat better, and free workouts held in cities all over the country. Spartan Race is not only the worlds best obstacle race (period), but can be a complete lifestyle overhaul.
So even if you’ve tried a trail race, mud run, obstacle race, or adventure race it’s time to try a Spartan Race. Unlike other obstacle races we offer something for everyone. So sign-up, gear-up and find out why we say…
You’ll know at the finish line.

The awesome folks at Reebok Spartan Race are giving away one FREE entry to any Spartan Race! This race is $100-$130 to register so this is a great opportunity!) You must be a follower of Running in Pearls via Google Friend Connect (on the right hand side-I DO CHECK!)! Share with your fellow Runners and GOOD LUCK!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do you run on Dunkin? (giveaway!)

It seems as if every time I turn around there is another yummy treat popping up at Dunkin Donuts. I really love how they have been branching out. When I was growing up it was only donuts. I would never complain about that but it is nice to have more options now!

Dunkin Donuts recently came out with two new treats. One being the chocolate croissant.

While it's not Gluten Free, it IS delicious. I'll be honest though the one I got at my local DD was a little burnt/crispy. I think if it was so burnt it would have been even better. It has enough glaze on it and just the right amount of chocolate inside. A perfect quick treat for your sweet craving. Definitely not overpowering at all. No sugar coma here.

Another new favorite of mine? The Turkey Sausage Cheddar wrap. Y'all. Stop what you're doing right now and go get one. I am so serious. I've never been a breakfast wrap type of person. Just because, to me, there's always so much going on and I don't trust meat at fast food places. But this? This wrap is so delicious. And at only 210 calories, it's a choice that you can feel good about.

If you know me well then you also know I function on coffee. I'm a bit of a coffee snob so for me to fall in love with the Dark Roast from DD is huge. It's exactly what I need to get up and going. Especially with three kids, I need this intravenously.

Now on to the fun part! The awesome folks at Dunkin Donuts want you to try their new items and get hooked on their coffee as much as I do! Follow the rafflecopter below to enter! You must be a follower of Running in Pearls through GFC (Google Friend Connect).

Good Luck!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Preserve Your Story: Project Repat

Something that is near and dear to my heart is supporting local and small businesses. It's also important to me that we stop outsourcing and keep jobs here in the States. If you remember awhile back, I posted about how hard it was for Veterans to find jobs. Which is something that still infuriates me. But alas, this post isn't about politics. Because this would be the longest post ever.

I wanted to share with y'all this awesome company called "Project Repat". 

Project Repat is a company that creates fair wage jobs here in the U.S and creates high-quality, affordable t-shirt quilts with minimal carbon impact that 'repatriates' textile jobs back to the United States. 

Check this video out:

You can read more about how Project Repat got started here.

I've always wanted to make a t-shirt quilt with old race shirts so when this opportunity came up, I jumped on it. I've compiled quite a few race day shirts along with my Air Force PT shirt and my husbands Navy shirt and Desert cami's. I can't wait to see the finished product! I can already tell you that I'll be ordering another one with all of K's monogrammed baby shirts for when she's older.

Aren't they awesome, y'all? What would you add to your quilt?