Monday, October 20, 2014


Something that is on my mind a lot and something that comes up quite frequently in my world is co-parenting.

When I first divorced I knew I didn't want to have the "normal" situation where both parties hated each other and were always at each other's throats every chance they got. I'm not that way in any other relationship and I didn't want it to be that way in this one either. I think it's important that even though your marriage didn't work, your co-parenting can. A lot of people seem to forget that it's not about you anymore, it's about your children. It doesn't matter how hurt you are or how badly you just want to throw something at your ex's face. Your kids are what matters and their well being comes first. Do I need to repeat that??

So when you don't put your differences aside your child/children can sense that. They know it when you don't like each other. It's important to always try and be together in the things that matter to your children. Events, school functions, sports, activities, etc. Seeing that both of their parents can be around each other in a positive way reassures them that although we don't live together anymore, we're still working together to make sure they're OK.

Here are a few tips that have helped make co-parenting much easier:

  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Avoid throwing the past into conversations. The past is there for a reason. Move on and get on with your life. 
  • Always provide a united front to the important people in your child(s) life. Teachers, Coaches, Parent's of your child's good friends. Don't try to prove that you're the better parent. 
By working with your former spouse you are showing your kids more than you can just get along. You're showing them how to be mature adults about things and how to be the bigger person. They will remember this later on in life and be grateful that you worked hard to stay united through everything and providing them with a safety net.

It's a lot harder when both of you aren't on the same page. I can't stress enough how important it is to understand these things together. You'll always be two different people and have two different styles of parenting but if your ex just can't seem to get there with you then just remember you can't change him/her but you can change yourself and do what is right on your end. 

Do you have any tips to add to the list for co-parenting? How do you make co-parenting work?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday!

1.It's finally Fall here in North Florida! It was 56 degrees when I left the house this morning. Sadly it will be 80 by the end of the day but I'll take it! I wish we had apple orchards and pretty fall trees here but we don't so I will continue to live vicariously through those who do on Instagram.

2.  Lush Cosmetics finally has their Christmas line out! I know, I know. We should slow down but when gingerbread and all things festive are involved it's full speed ahead for me. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these this weekend! If you haven't tried Lush yet then you need to run to the nearest store and get some! This stuff is amazing and the company itself is even better.

3. Now that the weather is cooling down in the mornings, I am so looking forward to more mornings out on the back patio and reading. I miss doing that in the summers here since you immediately turn into Olaf without his own snow cloud. You're welcome.

4. In case you missed it, I'm a mom to THREE girls now! THREE! I was informed by Kinsley the other morning that she does not want to be a big sister because, "I'm Mommy's baby". She's not spoiled at. all. And no, I'm not pregnant.

5. It completely slipped my mind to share this on the blog after it happened but J set up the most amazing date night a few weeks ago. He came into my work with my weekly flowers and had a card with him. In the card it said to be ready at 7 and meet him at an address written. When I showed up at the location I had more flowers from him and a delicious dinner! The manager also brought more flowers to the table. This man is so good to me and our girls. I have no idea what I did to deserve him but man am I glad I did it! lol I love doing life with him!

What's on your Friday Five?! Link up with some of my favorites!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Need a Good Laugh?

It has been one of those weeks where everything has tested my patience and/or sanity. To add to all of that, I started another math class for the last part of my fall semester and wah. Just wah.
So I think it's time for some funnies around here. I can always count on friends and Pinterest to make me laugh and brighten my mood with some good laughs.

*Breathes* That was a good laugh.

What are you dealing with this week or today that you just need a good laugh?!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kid Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

If you're anything like our family then you don't really have to have a reason to throw a get together. Especially a themed one. Oh man, those are my favorite. Now that we are in running with the Duggars, just kidding I know we only have three kids, but still close enough, I am always throwing things together and making small treats for every little thing. My girls are not spoiled at all.

We try to keep things as kid friendly as possible. Especially Halloween. Mama doesn't need any late night escapades because one of the littles is having nightmares or sees more monsters under their beds. I already have to chase out the monsters at night along with the farm animals. Don't ask.

One of my favorite things is coming up with crafts to do and fun themed things to eat. This year we will be making "Reese's Frankenstein Cupcakes", Kinsley has this thing with Frankenstein this year because he resembles "The Hulk" and J is "The Hulk" to her. lol

source (she has TONS of more awesome on her blog!)

Aren't these adorable? They look really easy as well. Pinterest has never failed me when it comes to kid crafts and treats! 

We will also be making "Ghost Cupcakes".

We obviously can't have a party without decorations and we want things, again, that are not "scary". So we found these great ideas that are also budget friendly. Score!

Chances are you already have these supplies at home. So this is by far the easiest! 

We did this last year as well and it was a big hit! Anything with glue and glitter is a win for my girls.

When it comes to food, we like to go all out and make fun things or even keep it simple. Thanks to Farm Rich Foods we will be adding some pulled pork (more to come on that craft! Y'all have to see it!) and pulled brisket.

  • The Farm Rich Smokehouse is a new line in the multi-serve meal category at Walmart. The line features all natural meat:
    1. Pulled Beef Brisket in a Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce
    2. Pulled Pork BBQ
    3. Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Pork
    4. Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Chicken

  • A frozen item you can feel good about keeping on hand to put in any meal to feed your family.
  • The unsauced items are perfect to have on hand to throw into a favorite recipe (pizza, casserole, tacos, etc)
  • They are fully cooked and already shredded, making family dinners that much easier!
  • Try Recipe with Farm Rich Smokehouse Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Pork (or Chicken).   All Natural, Pre-Shredded Meat Ready to Use.  Hassle free!

For Running in Pearls readers here is a coupon for any Farm Rich Smokehouse product! Make your own Halloween food craft and show me what you came up with! Make sure to tag @RunInPearls and use the hasgtag #SmokehouseBBQ!

Stay tuned for part two and see our kid-friendly concoction that we come up with!

*This is a sponsored post. Farm Rich Smokehouse/Sverve provided us with product from their Smokehouse brand of our choice and compensation for this campaign (review of pulled pork and brisket is to follow). The opinions and tips I shared about kid friendly Halloween party ideas and themed treats are my own (and properly sourced otherwise). Sverve/Farm Rich Smokehouse did not tell me what to say or how to say it. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway- Holiday Toyland Event Review! #chosenbykids

Two weeks ago I posted about the Hottest Toys of 2014 and Shopping Tips. On October 4th, Wal-Mart was hosting an event called the "Holiday Toyland Event", where some of this years hottest toys were featured. We were lucky enough to take home the Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway toy! To say that Kinsley was excited would be an understatement. She LOVES this toy!

While this toy looks intimidating to put together, it was actually pretty simple and quick. In no more than half an hour was it together and ready to play with. It took me that long only because Swamp thought it was her toy and kept trying to "help".

So helpful. So so helpful.

I had the bright idea of stopping at another store (because I forgot to look in Wal-Mart) and see if they made separate Little People® cars to go with this and they do! So now Kins has 6 Little People® cars that she can race down the Skyway!

We like to put all of the cars on there at once and let them all go down the tracks together. Swamp likes that too. lol

Here is a product description:

Standing over 3 feet tall, this play set ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun! Your little racer sends a vehicle down the ramp at the top, then waits for the surprise finish as the car comes out at the bottom in one of three spots. Will it speed out one of the two side exits or jump off the middle ramp? It’s different every time! The creative play is revved up even more with a realistic crane, stop sign, gas pump and parking meter. Your little one will enjoy hours of non-stop action! 

• Stands over 3 feet tall (92+ cm)!
• One point of entry on top with three exits on the bottom, one of which is a jump
• Flip different switches to make cars change paths—or let it happen automatically and be surprised!
• The kid-size vehicles fit perfectly in little hands
• Comes with City Skyway play set, working crane, traffic signal, gas pump, parking meter, gate that opens & closes, and Koby & Tessa cars 

Imagination & Creativity
Pretend play hits high speed with Tessa and Koby cruising down ramps in their cars, fueling up at the gas pump, stopping at the parking meter and more! 

Fine Motor
Placing the cars on the track or crane, opening and closing the gate—they’re all fun ways to get dexterity rolling! Curiosity & Discovery
Surprise! With 3 exit ramps, little drivers love to discover that their cars can go a different way every time they play! 


Kinsley has played with this toy for hours on end, y'all. She loves this thing and it is so entertaining. I won't lie, I've played with her a couple of times and I wish I had this when I was her age! It's fun, it's interactive, and it's a great imagination tool!

I really recommend adding this toy to your Christmas Shopping List, mama's! Don't forget to check out the other #ChosenByKids toys too!

Sverve provided us with a toy of our choice and compensation for this campaign (review of toy is to follow). The opinions and tips I shared about holiday shopping and this seasons hot toys are my own, and Sverve did not tell me what to say or how to say it.
**If you decide to make a purchase through my link, Amazon will pay me a commission for it. This doesn't cost you anything additional. These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!