Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday!

1. I'm happy to report that I have not had Chick-Fil-A at all this week. Minus a couple of chicken minis yesterday morning leftover from the Board Meeting, but still, I have not gone ACROSS THE STREET for Chick-Fil-A. I really want a #1 though. Edit: I'm writing this post on Thursday and well you can guess what I had for lunch today. In my defense, I had spent my entire lunch trying to vote so I needed something delicious and fast. So there.

2. I recently won a giveaway on Instagram and wanted to share the amazing product with y'all. The shop is called Claire S, Wilson Art. If you are a girly girl like I am, then you will LOVE these one of a kind paintings. Claire is beyond talented. As I was going through her site last night to pick my 8x10, I kept thinking to myself "wow!" because they are so detailed and so beautiful! I can't wait to get my print and the prints that I have ordered separately!

3. I may or may not have bought 3lbs (probably 5) of Halloween candy with absolutely no intention of handing any of it out. Naturally I bought everything I love. I can't just give Reese's away y'all.

4. We were supposed to go to Spooktacular at the zoo last night but for the first time in a month it decided to monsoon. Instead I let Kins put her dragon costume on and we went to Target, where said 5lbs of candy came from. She was pretty happy with that adventure. Let's be honest, all she really wanted was candy and to prance around as a dragon. Kid did not care about the zoo.

5.This weekend is Florida Georgia weekend and for the first time since I was born, I could care less. I've never missed a game in my 27 years of life but this year I am so fed up with Muschamp that I need to take a breather from my anxiety and anger that I feel when watching the Gators play. In all kinds of weather yes, but instead of risking a heart attack I'll be enjoying the awesome weather while Christmas shopping.

What's on your Friday Five?!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Being a mom of three girls I know it's an extremely bad idea to have lots of white in my home. Lately while scrounging Pinterest for Master Bedroom ideas, I've been drawn towards more white and neutrals than anything else. With the girls being young still, nothing good can come from this.

Like that one time I had just put our new monogrammed duvet from Pottery Barn on the bed and put a freshly bathed 2 week old Kinsley on the bed. Yeah...use your imagination with that one. That poor, poor duvet was never the same.

But I'm holding out hope that I can make this work. There's something so relaxing and inviting about neutrals and whites in the home, especially the bedroom. Every picture I've found has made me want to jump in, curl up, and fall asleep.

Here are a few of my favorite Master Bedroom looks:

I have to find some way to re-do our Master without spending major bucks on it. It gives me anxiety just thinking about the hundreds of dollars that I would have to spend to achieve this look.

I might just have to enlist Scarlett Lillian's help for this! Le sigh.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pulled-Pork Mini Tacos #SmokehouseBBQ

If you've been following my Instagram for a while then you know about my love for tacos. You should also know my love for all things Southern especially BBQ. So when I was given the chance to think of something great for a Halloween party, I jumped at the chance to make mini tacos!

I wanted to make something that was easy for little fingers to hold and yummy enough for the adults to keep eating. I picked up some Farm Rich Smokehouse (#SmokehouseBBQ) Dry Rub Smoked Pork for the tacos. Y'all, I am not even kidding or exaggerating when I say that this stuff is amazing. I've been to A LOT of BBQ joints and BBQ food trucks in my time and let me just say that I now question where the food trucks get their pulled pork from because this is just that good. I didn't add sauce to the dry rub pulled pork because I thought it was seasoned well enough to have none. Others would probably use their BBQ sauce of choice though.

A little about the new Farm Rich Smokehouse BBQ line:

  • The Farm Rich Smokehouse is a new line in the multi-serve meal category at Walmart. The line features all natural meat:
    1. Pulled Beef Brisket in a Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce
    2. Pulled Pork BBQ
    3. Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Pork
    4. Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Chicken
  • The items are priced at $6.97.
  • The dry rub products are a high protein quality item that has no preservatives.
  • A frozen item you can feel good about keeping on hand to put in any meal to feed your family.”
  • The unsauced items are perfect to have on hand to throw into a favorite recipe (pizza, casserole, tacos, etc)
  • They are fully cooked and already shredded, making family dinners that much easier!
  • Try Recipe with Farm Rich Smokehouse Double Rubbed Dry Smoked Pork (or Chicken).   All Natural, Pre-Pulled Meat Ready to Use.  Hassle free! (my favorite!)

I tried to make this as easy as possible so the only things you will need is:

  • Farm Rich Smokehouse Dry Rub Pulled Pork (or any Smokehouse product) You can find this at Wal-Mart in the frozen section! Here's a coupon for you as well! You're welcome.
  • Corn tortillas (you can use flour tortillas but because I am GF, I used corn.).
  • and of course, any toppings that you may want. We used cheese and sour cream. Because we're boring.

I took the corn tortillas and cut mini tortillas using a pampered chef measuring utensil. I'm probably the only Southerner that does not own a biscuit cutter. Don't judge me.

Once I made the mini tortillas, I layered the pulled pork on them.

Sprinkle your cheese on top (and whatever else you'd like) and form mini tacos. Place in fancy serving dish for hungry hands to grab! Dollop with sour cream first.

I may or may not have eaten like 10 of these things. I mean, they're little right? So that basically counts as one taco. Maybe 2.

Not pictured is the big taco made for the too manly husband of mine that wanted something bigger than "baby tacos made for infants". So rude. lol

If you try any of the Farm Rich Smokehouse line, tag me and let me know! It's SO GOOD!!!

*This is a sponsored post. Farm Rich Smokehouse/Sverve provided us with product from their Smokehouse brand of our choice and compensation for this campaign. The opinions (this stuff is so yummy!) are my own. Sverve/Farm Rich Smokehouse did not tell me what to say or how to say it.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Don't

A long time read of mine recently posted an "I don't" list. I thought it was a pretty great list and wanted to add my own, because let's be honest, there's a lot of things that I "don't".

For starters...

I don't show skin. No skin tight clothes, barely show my arms, and definitely no cleavage. A lot of my friends make fun of me for it but when you're raised Mormon you don't wear revealing clothing. I've never been comfortable showing skin. I'm one of the only modest people in my group of friends.

I don't put laundry away in a timely manner. Seriously, I've been finding my outfits for work out of the laundry basket for months now because there's so much that it's overwhelming. I should probably work on this. lol

I don't do drama. There's nothing else in this world that zaps my energy than someone who brings their drama around me. That says a lot considering I have three girls. Don't bring it near me and don't drag me into it. I try to stay far, far away from it. I'll have enough of it any way when my girls are teens.

I don't do red sauce. That stuff is nasty. Like vomit inducing disgusting. I don't even eat spaghetti.

I don't do the nightlife. I know sometimes we need our girl time. We need to get out and have fun. But honestly, I'd rather have girl time during the day at a spa or coffee shop. I like to shop alone and I like spending my nights alone in a bath or sleeping. I'm such a hermit and I'm okay with that.

I don't make my bed, or anyone else's bed, every day. Actually, I only make the beds when we have company over. Oops.

I don't say no when I should. Yes, I've been reading "The Best Yes" by Lysa Terkuerst and have taken away a lot of great pointers but it is so hard saying "no" sometimes. I don't want to let people down and I don't want to be that person. But I'm learning how to say no more often.

I don't drink. I'm sure you've seen this quite often in my posts and on Instagram. I think I even did a post about it at one point. I don't drink at all. Nothing. Zilch. My mom was an alcoholic for many, many years before she passed away in 2004. I can't stand the smell of it and I can't stand being around people who are drinking.

What's on your "don't" list?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday!

1. I'm pretty sure I've eaten my weight in Chick-Fil-A this MONTH. I'm also pretty sure I've gained 10lbs therefore I really should be eating lettuce for every meal until January. We have pictures in December with one of my favorite photographers and I know whale watching isn't her specialty so...yeah, needing to get back on the Advocare and gym. Can someone come keep me accountable? lol

2. Maybe it's because I'm lacking fruits and veggies. Or the lack of sleep. Or all three, but this week has just been OFF. I can't get into a groove and all I want to do by 10 am is go to sleep for the rest of the day. It's the last half of fall semester and my class is a math one. Shoot me now. That just adds to the exhaustion because it's boring. lol (Blogger needs emoticons). I'm beyond ready to graduate and already be done with Law School!!

3. Time for something positive. We are taking Kins to the zoo this weekend for trick or treating since her dad has her on Halloween. Out of all of the girly costumes she could have chosen to be she chose a dragon. Y'all, this is the most hilarious costume. Better than the garden gnome when she was 2.

4. I'm not one for getting glam(d) up constantly, hello? I'm a mom of three girls. I don't have time for that. But this past weekend I took the solitude opportunity to get dolled up for no reason. I really should do it more. It's such a waste that I can do it but don't. lol

5. Is anyone else getting their information and lists ready for Black Friday already? Am I the only one? In true Type A fashion, I have already started on my game plan and lists. Starbucks better have their doors open early because this mama is on a mission!

Head on over to Hello! Happiness and link up!

What's on your Five on Friday?